Terrain Energy acquired the rights to the Bruckmühl and Starnberger See permit fields in the South German molasse basin, south and southwest of Munich, from the British company Bell Exploration in December 2013. The “Bruckmühl” permit expired in November 2014; a new permit field called “Egmating” with a slightly different field outline was awarded to Terrain in its place. Both permits have since been extended and currently run through 30 November 2021 (Egmating) and 30 November 2022 (Starnberger See) respectively.

In compliance with official ministry requirements, a German limited liability company Terrain Energy Germany GmbH was set up in 2019 which represents Terrain Energy’s interests in Germany (although the two German exploration licences are still currently held by Terrain Energy Limited). Terrain Energy Germany GmbH, registered in Munich, is the 100% subsidiary of Terrain Energy Limited.