What happened to MicroEnergy Generation Services and Terrain Energy?

MicroEnergy and Terrain still exist as 100% owned subsidiaries of Evoterra.

Why has Evoterra been established?

We must severely reduce the reliance on fossil fuels but that reduction cannot happen overnight. Evoterra brings traditional and renewable energy under one umbrella and this allows us to undertake this transition in a balanced and achievable way.

Who’s behind Evoterra?

Evoterra is majority owned by funds under the management or advice of Calculus Capital Limited, a UK based FCA regulated investment company. www.calculuscapital.com

What are Evoterra’s objectives?
With the future trend toward smaller localised energy supplies (rather than a few very large power generation plants) and recognising that there has to be a period of transition from conventional to renewable it is Evoterra’s intent to exploit the remaining hydrocarbon potential on its currently held licences while building its presence in the renewable energy field.

What exactly is Evoterra doing in Germany?
Oil and gas exploration effectively stopped in the area of Evoterra’s German licences in the 1990s. However through liaising closely with the geothermal industry which is active in the area, we have identified significant remaining oil and gas potential. We are looking to develop this resource to provide local power supplies for local communities, thereby promoting energy self-sufficiency and sustainability. Evoterra’s German operations are conducted by its 100% owned subsidiaries Terrain Energy Limited and Terrain Energy Germany GmbH.

What does hydrocarbon exploration mean?

Oil and gas are generated at depth from ancient buried organic material and some of it is trapped in certain types of porous rocks. Oil companies use geological analysis and seismic techniques to identify the location of the most likely oil and gas filled traps and then test the targets they have identified by drilling.

What risks are exploration and gas production affiliated with?

Headlines are made when a well flows out of control, however because of the stringent well design requirements, wellhead safety equipment and detailed drilling programmes, all of which has to be reviewed and approved by government agencies, such occurrences are now extremely rare. Oil spills do occasionally happen, most often during road traffic accidents. On an oilfield site the whole area is underlain by an impermeable membrane and areas of the site such as tanker loading bays are bunded so that any spills are immediately and entirely contained and prevented from reaching the natural environment.

Are Evoterra’s activities monitored by a government organisation?
The hydrocarbon industry is one of the most closely monitored industries in the world. In Germany Evoterra’s activities (conducted by Terrain Energy Limited and Terrain Energy Germany GmbH) are monitored by the Ministry and Mining Authority and also the Geological Survey. In the UK, its activities are monitored by the Oil and Gas Authority, the Health and safety Executive and the Environment Agency.